There’s no recruiting service quite like us

Made for Brokers, By Brokers

Matthew Stamer took his 30 years of experience in the business field and applied it to making one of the most effective recruiting tools that the industry has ever seen. This tool grew his own business to 180+ employees before selling it and has now been used to grow hundreds of companies around the country.

We know the problems that brokers face. We’re proud to have solved them.

Broker Generator answers to the need of many: “How can I build a successful team quickly and efficiently?”

Matt Stamer and Jeff Abrams founded Broker Generator after 30 years of perfecting the answer to that question. After being ranked the 21st Top Real Estate Professional in the United States by The Wall Street Journal and selling his brokerage (producing $100M+ in transactions per year), Matt realized that his ability to recruit high-performing employees was a skill that should be shared with thousands of other companies across the United States and Canada.

Jeff Abrams has been deeply rooted in the business from a technology and financial modeling perspective. Jeff has a vast background in projecting the future success of companies through strict analysis. This level of detail has allowed Broker Generator to deliver on what we promise based on projections we can rely on.

Broker Generator is custom-tailored based on Matt’s own experiences as a business person, creating a service that speaks your language and understands your challenges. Too often we find that industry recruiting services are created by people who know nothing about the industry they’re involved in. We want to make sure you never use another recruiting service again, by providing results others cannot.

Matt Stamer


Jeff Abrams